The Trust will work at the forefront of educational practice and policy, to ensure that our work impacts beyond our own community. Our team has led projects which have been recognised at local, national, and international levels, and we aim to build upon our past experiences to place the Citizen School Trust at the heart of key debates about the future of education and community organising.

Sebastien Chapleau

Originally from France, Sebastien studied for a PhD at Cardiff University and, after completing his thesis, settled in London to train as a Primary School teacher, specialising in inner-city education and the teaching of modern foreign languages at primary level. He is the Headteacher of a bilingual free school established in 2014.

Over the past 10 years, he has taught, and worked with, 100s of children, parents/carers, teachers, and neighbours, leading on successful educational initiatives and developing practical projects empowering students and teachers. From the development of safety initiatives (supporting the work of the charity For Jimmy) to negotiations with major employers, leading to the recruitment of 100s people from challenged communities into Living Wage jobs, amongst many other examples, Sebastien’s energy has been focused on connecting schools to the lives of families in their neighbourhoods. His work has been recognised by various organisations, including the Mayor of London who gave him a Community Champion Award in the summer of 2012, and by the Company of Educators who awarded him the Inspirational Educator Award. He is a member of the Future Leaders network.

Annabel Bates 

Annabel is an educational leadership consultant with extensive experience as a teacher and leader in schools in Scotland and London. She is passionate about closing the attainment gap and has focused her work on improving schools which serve socio-economically disadvantaged communities. Annabel loves teaching modern languages and English as an additional language, and has led government-funded projects to improve the quality of language teaching. Currently studying for an Executive Masters in Public Administration at LSE, while carrying out work for the Education team of the World Bank, Annabel’s work is increasingly focused on development work and the role that education plays in improving our communities and society across the world. She has a particular interest in girls’ education and implementing systemic change in the education systems of developing countries.

James O’Connell Lauder

The son of two teachers, Jim currently works as an Assistant Head at a challenging North London school. He is a participant in the future leaders programme and committed to leading schools in challenging contexts that transform the lives of their pupils and the prospects of the communities they serve. He has a background in sixth form teaching and has written extensively on the future of education, having been published in the journals Renewal and Forum. Originally from New Zealand, he holds a BA and PGCE from Oxford University.

Josh Weinberg

Josh is a chartered accountant working in public sector audit for the National Audit Office since 2010. He has a BA in Maths from Oxford and an MSc in International Health Policy from the LSE.

Josh has supported a number of charities in a financial capacity, including assisting in the preparation of financial statements. He has also spent two years volunteering as a special constable in Lewisham, a role he found hugely rewarding.

Josh believes in creating a school environment in which everyone involved can flourish. And doing this in a way that ensures that everything the Citizen School does uses our limited resources in the most effective way possible, learning from evidence based analysis and research.