Our conversations with 100s of local citizens have highlighted that superficial relationships between parents and schools, and a lack of coordination between the educational efforts of parents and teachers have added to barriers to pupils attaining educational success.

In keeping with our community and citizenship ethos, we will establish relationships with every parent, guardian or carer, both to achieve our educational vision and ensure that all pupils are supported to succeed academically. We will reach out to parents to identify and respond to their specific needs.



The Citizen School is an inclusive organisation. All our pupils will be expected to make good or better progress at each stage of their education so they can live successful lives. We recognise that some children need more support with their learning, and so we will ensure that all pupils’ progress and well-being is monitored and that interventions are put in place to support everyone’s success.

Our intake is likely to have a high proportion of children with English as an additional language (EAL). We see this as something to be celebrated, to raise our children’s achievement and emphasise the pride we feel for our community. We will work with local people to recruit them as teachers, TAs or other staff members, and involve them in training so that they can support us with languages within our school. We will regularly celebrate our linguistic diversity by organising cultural heritage days and events.

As an organisation, we commit to identify and respond to the special needs of students at an early stage to ensure all students succeed. Support will be provided to all our students with SEN, linking with a range of specialist support services if necessary.