The Citizen School will support all its pupils to achieve educational excellence and will encourage children and their families to play an active role in shaping our community for the better.

We will nurture pupils’ enthusiasm and passions, and develop them to become leaders who can have a positive impact on their own lives and those of others. The school will be a local hub and will provide educational opportunities for our young people and the wider community. It will be a school where pupils, staff, parents, carers, and community members will work together and celebrate each other’s successes, and where community values are at the core of our practices. It will be a school whose impact will go beyond its walls, working with other schools and institutions to support our pupils and their families and develop projects that impact positively on the community.


Our core values

Our values are an expression of what we do. We assess all we do through these values.

  • Success: every child will achieve their full potential, whatever it takes.
  • Leadership: every child will be a leader in and outside of school and have a positive impact on their community and beyond.
  • Enjoyment: every member of our school community will embrace learning and take pride in our collective successes.
  • Collaboration: every member of our community will work together and build links across and beyond our neighbourhood.