Outstanding teaching and extra-curricular provision

Once set up, our school provide the best in academic teaching and in extra-curricular provision: from sports, music, outdoor activities and museum visits to holiday provision and weekend activities.

Every adult will ensure our pupils’ passions, enthusiasm and dreams are at the heart of practices inside and outside the classroom. Every child will leave school equipped to live a fulfilling life.


Our commitment to every child

Two clear principles hold our school community together: we will do whatever it takes to enable every child to achieve their full potential, and we will do whatever it takes to enable all our children and their families to shape our society for the better.

Our staff will be flexible in developing new practices to meet the needs of our children and in providing extra support where needed to ensure that no one is left behind. Every child will be treated as an individual, with access to excellent pastoral care.

Real-life learning

Through dynamic teaching and locally-relevant citizenship projects, our children will engage with the issues faced by many in our current society. Our teaching and learning will support our students to develop 21st century skills they need to thrive.

Our staff will prepare our pupils to be leaders who can work together with people in their own community and beyond to make the world a fairer place for all.

About Us

The Citizen School Trust was set up in 2013 by a team of school leaders, community organisers, and professionals from the National Audit Office, British Chambers of Commerce and leading national charities. Over 2013 and 2014 we worked with local parents, educational specialists and local officials to develop a vision for a school that had… Read more »

Our Mission

The Citizen School will support all its pupils to achieve educational excellence and will encourage children and their families to play an active role in shaping our community for the better. We will nurture pupils’ enthusiasm and passions, and develop them to become leaders who can have a positive impact on their own lives and… Read more »


Our curriculum will be targeted to meet the needs of our children and their families. It will follow the National Curriculum to equip pupils with a wide range of knowledge and skills, enabling them to succeed and preparing them to be active citizens and leaders. Our curriculum will therefore focus on the core subjects such… Read more »